Keyboard shortcuts

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Workspace / document handling
Cmd-O, Cmd-S, Cmd-W Open, save, or close current document
Shift-Cmd-S Save current document under new name
Cmd-Alt-O, Cmd-Alt-S Open or save workspace
Shift-Cmd-Alt-S Save workspace under new name
Cmd-R Recover workspace (on application start only)
Cmd-Q Quit the application
View parameters
V Toggle between map and tomography view
N, L, Shift-L Toggle display of nodes, links, or labels
B Toggle display of the network skeleton
F Toggle display of the full network (use with caution – this option will likely reduce the program's responsiveness)
E Toggle display of links to the immediate neighbors of the current root node (hold down Alt to show the neighbors of the node closest to the mouse cursor instead)
[ or ] Zoom out or in
= Reset zoom and center network on screen
Shift-[ or Shift-] Adjust link line width
Alt-[ or Alt-] Adjust node size
Shift-2 (@) Toggle display of the label of the node at the mouse cursor
Node-coloring data and distance matrix
Shift-` (~) Cycle through networks (documents)
D Cycle through available distance matrices (in tomography view)
TAB Cycle through node-coloring datasets
Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U, I, O, P Select node-coloring dataset
` (backtick) Cycle through node-coloring quantities
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 Select node-coloring quantity
C Cycle through colormaps
Shift-C Toggle colormap log-scale
Alt (hold down) Show node-coloring data of node at mouse cursor instead of root node (only for two-dimensional node-coloring data)
Snapshot series and albums
, (comma) or . (period) Switch to last or next snapshot in the node coloring snapshot series, if present
Shift-, or Shift-. (< or >) Go backward or forward ten snapshots in the node coloring snapshot series, if present
Shift-A or A Switch to last or next snapshot in the snapshot album, if present (slider at the top of the window)
Cmd-F Search for nodes in labels and names
Cmd-R Toggle regular-expression search
S Save screenshot (PDF)
R Switch to another, randomly selected root node