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An SVE Workspace is a collection of SPaTo Documents. The set of documents listed in the network dropdown list forms the current workspace, which is preserved across sessions and can be restored after each application launch. This workspace can also be saved to a file, or replaced by a workspace loaded from a file.

File Format

Workspace files are identified by the filename extension .sve and their content is given in XML format. The top-level element must be named workspace and may contain any number of document children. Each document element must have an attribute src which contains the path to a SPaTo Document. An optional boolean attribute selected may be given to indicate this document should be the one currently visualized. If multiple document elements have selected="true", then the last such document will be shown.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <document src="/Users/ct/Desktop/SPaTo Data/ER25.spato" />
  <document src="/Users/ct/Desktop/SPaTo Data/ERw90.spato" selected="true" />
  <document src="/Users/ct/Desktop/SPaTo Data/ERw95.spato" />